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Crave 25: The Wipe Album (podcast)

Forget about the Beatles, did you know there's a robot that gives sponges baths? Plus, the Nook goes color, zipping earbuds, and a spoonful of patriotic sprinkles for some chocolate-covered bacon.

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This week, a podcast about a day you will never forget. No, not because The Beatles are available on iTunes--though we certainly get some mileage out of that. We're betting you'll remember this day as the first time you ever considered getting a sponge bath from a robot. As you can probably guess by now, Jasmine couldn't join us for today's show. Instead, Eric, Benito, and I are left to our own--clumsily riffing on zipper earbuds, iPhone liberation, Nook Color, and our president's interest in dancing fembots. Also: patriotic chocolate bacon.

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Episode 25

-Beatles iPhone?

-Zip-up earbuds

-ZTE Peel

-Robot sponge bath

-Nook Color full review

--Obama vs. fembot

This is why you're fat
-Chocolate-covered bacon with sprinkles