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Crave 17: Shiny things with future features (podcast)

In this week's Crave, we talk Mario, man-meat, robots, manta rays, and how to behave around a telepresence robot.

After a brief hiatus, the Cravers are back on task and in full form. We couldn't resist starting off the episode with a little love for the MP3 Insider of yesteryear; new iPods are the hot topic this time around, and Jasmine has some very strong feelings about one of them. Also this week, military backpacks are looking heavier and heavier these days, an HDR video demonstration freaks us out, and a telepresence robot is a bit too douchey for Eric's liking. Plus, it turns out that manta rays have kleptomaniac tendencies and Mario's pretty pissed about turning 25. And it wouldn't be a show without some man-meat to cap it all off.

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Episode 17

-What's with the new iPods?

-Military backpack maps out 3D interiors

-Is HDR video the next consumer camcorder feature

-A day in the life of a (douchey) telepresence robot

-The reason 3DTV will fail

-Klepto Manta Ray

-Super Mario turns 25

This is why you're fat
-Mandog , Meat 3-Way, Pork Orgy