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Crave 100: The Final Chapter (podcast)

In this final episode of the Crave podcast, we honor our tradition of quality by playing with puppets and celebrating technological novelty in all its many forms.

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For their final episode, the Crave team does... well, exactly what they always do. Donald goes nuts for a free toy adapter that can create an unholy union between Legos and Tinker Toys. Bonnie recounts her dramatic day of technology detox. And in Geek News, Eric gives his 2 cents on "The Hunger Games" movie.

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Episode 100

Free Universal Construction Kit

Fish clip

Student turns old turntables into drawing machine

Bonnie's day of unplugging

Not Craving

Manual typewriter

Geek News

Hunger Games success

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You guys have the best podcast on cnet, bonnie just added the little bit of extra, to balance off the perv aspect that I love, Keep up the great work.