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Crate and Barrel gets saucy

Sauce pot by Crate and Barrel uses a lid with integrated brush to keep your grilling area clean

Hope you like the lid: the brush is permanently attached to it. Crate and Barrel
If I were to point to the location where my love for clean spaces and my hunger for tasty foods meet in vicious opposition, it would be the outdoor grill. Understandably, backyard barbecues are occasions that I have to ignore the compulsion to keep things spotless. And sometimes, when I host one, my guests have to practically beg me to stop cleaning. But, in summer, nothing tops an ice-cold beverage and a freshly grilled burger, so I can appreciate any gadget that prevents even a little bit of the mess usually associated with grilling outside.

Enter this sauce pot from Crate and Barrel. By permanently affixing the basting brush to the lid, it reduces the chance that your barbecue sauce misses your burger and ends up on your picnic table. It also protects your sauce from ants, flies, and dirt, and keeps your brush fully loaded and ready for use. The brush is made of easy-to-clean silicone, although you may want to hand wash it, as it is permanently attached to the lid.

The sauce pot with its integrated brush is available for $24.95 on Crate and Barrel's Web site.