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Crap, I Missed It! aims for the email alert market

New notification service, Crap, I missed it!, tells users about top YouTube videos and Digg stories, reminds them about upcoming concerts and album releases, and keeps users up to date on sports scores.

Crap, I Missed It, a new notification service, looks to tell users about various news or events that they specify. For example, you can set Crap to tell you about the month's top Digg stories, your favorite sports team's scores, or an upcoming concert for your favorite band in your area, via email. The information is all combined into a maximum of one email per day.

Crap, I Missed It sends email notifications for the things that are important to you.

The site itself needs some work on the design and usability front. Their actual service does what its advertised to do, but lacks somewhat in the department of originality. I really dig the concert notifications, although Ticketmaster already does the exact same thing with their alerts system. You can already get sports notifications from a variety of services as well. Crap, I Missed It is useful in that it brings these different types of notifications together.

Michael Baldwin of Crap, I Missed It told us some things that we can expect in the future. Those include automatic populating of CD alerts based on your Last.FM account or iTunes, RSS/web page monitoring, price change monitoring for hotels, airfare, etc., support for more sites such as Craigslist, and RSS/SMS/social networking notifications instead of email. So, go give the service a shot and let us know if you think it's worth your attention of if it's just crap.