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Cracking Zune screens: truth or fiction?

Recent rumors attest that a Microsoft call center has received a large volume of callers complaining of cracked Zune screens. Is there truth to the report?

Earlier today, Engadget posted this story, which posits an interesting--though unsubstantiated--claim that a Microsoft call center has lately been receiving a large number of complaints about Zune screen crackage. Their source supposes that the damage, which is discovered after the unit has been left charging all night, could be caused by an overheating and expanding battery, which is located behind the screen. (Hmm, this story sounds familiar.) Various Zune users have replied to the thread, mostly stating that they have never experienced such issues, despite leaving their players on the charger for eight hours or more. For my part, I sent out a note to the Zune product manager, and he replied that he'd never heard of such a thing, nor had any of the engineers that worked on the product. The team is now investigating the issue, which they take "very seriously." In any case, my gut tells me Microsoft will make good if there is such a problem, though I'm still waiting to hear whether this specific issue is or will be covered in the warranty.