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Cowon S9 gets a firmware and capacity bump

Cowon's S9 portable media player is now available with 32GB of storage capacity and improved firmware.

Screen shots of the Cowon S9 user interface.
The latest firmware for the Cowon S9 offers a more flexible and unique touch-screen user interface. Cowon America

Cowon is throwing some extra heat behind the S9 touch-screen portable media player it launched in January. The company recently rolled out a 32GB version of the S9, complementing the existing 8GB and 16GB models. The new 32GB model will set you back $299 ($100 less than the 32GB iPod Touch), and is available directly from Cowon or from Amazon.

Existing Cowon S9 owners also get a treat in the form of new firmware. Version 2.30 of the Cowon S9 firmware brings many little tweaks to the user interface, a new notepad utility, improved video playback for high-resolution videos, and a few bug fixes. You can get your hands on the new firmware from Cowon's support page.

Cowon S9