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Cowon S9 caught on video

A YouTube video reveals the on-screen operation of the Cowon S9 media player's touch-screen interface.

I wasn't blown away by the photos that surfaced earlier this week of the upcoming Cowon S9 media player's touch-screen interface. Today, we've got a video of the S9 interface in action, showing off an encouraging amount of system responsiveness and graphic user-interface sophistication.

Despite the S9's advantages of Bluetooth, advanced EQ, and all-around impressive codec support, I still feel that the S9's similarity to the iPod Touch comes off more like a flattering imitation than an exciting alternative.

That said, people have fallen in love with products like the Samsung P2, which has a touch-screen interface I still find a little clunky. If this video is any indication, the folks at Cowon have done well to value the responsiveness of the S9's touch screen. This is also the first time I've ever seen Cowon sweat the small details of their GUI, bringing animated screen transitions into play and having a little fun with the way the main menu icons drop into place.