Cowon Q5W reviewed

Senior Editor Donald Bell announces his review of the Cowon Q5W portable video player.

Tech Culture
Photo of Cowon Q5W portable video player with handbag.
Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

The moment the Cowon Q5W portable video player hit my desk, I knew I would be in for a long review. After legions of iPod fans called foul when Apple failed to deliver a high-capacity touch-screen video player last fall (a 16GB iPod Touch just won't cut it for some folks) Cowon's long-promised 60GB Q5W seemed like the perfect cure. The Cowon Q5W is no mere PVP, however, considering that Cowon saw fit to infuse it with a treasure trove of coveted features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, composite video output, MSN Messenger, and even GPS navigation.

So why did the Cowon Q5W super-gadget score a respectable, but not outstanding, 7.0 rating? Well, the short answer is that despite its impressive feature set, the Q5W is complicated to use and too expensive compared with the competition. For a more in-depth analysis, read my full review and browse the slide show.

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