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Cowon Q5: PVP exploding with features

Cowon's new Q5 boasts heaps of features, including digital TV and GPS. It's a sexy looking thing too -- we want to get our hands on one really rather badly

Cowon has recently announced a snazzy-looking PVP called the Q5, and it's exploding with features -- much like a large pigeon explodes after eating rice, although much less hilarious.

PVPs have become much more common over the last couple of years, thanks to improvements in battery technology and more efficient media-compression methods. Cowon's Q5 has arrived at this time of opportunity, as if by prophesy, and expands on the basic feature set expected of a PMP by hosting a multitude of pimped-out features.

As well as the typical MP3 and video playback functions, the Q5 -- running on Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 and powered by a 500MHz AMD CPU -- also includes the ability to receive digital TV broadcasts. In fact, connectivity tomfoolery will be frequent, thanks to the Q5's inclusion of HSDPA, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth.

Documents, such as Word files, can be opened on the Q5 and navigated around using the 127mm (5-inch) touchscreen display, but don't think the fun ends there. The Q5 will also get you from A to popular destinations such as B, thanks to GPS functionality.

The 40GB version costs $499 (£250) and the 60GB version costs $549 (£275), though no UK launch date has been announced. We'll keep you so posted on updates you'll want to glue a stamp to your face and sit in a mail box. We're that excited about this lovely gadget.

Update: A full review of the Cowon Q5 is now available on the site. -Nate Lanxon