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Cowon: iPod? What's an iPod?

4GB versions of the Cowon U3, T2, and F2, coming in November

We love Korea-based Cowon and its multitude of feature-packed and great-sounding MP3 players. We also admire its "who cares about the iPod anyway" attitude. Probably the biggest complaint about Cowon digital audio players today--outside of tricky interfaces, mostly due to all those features--is that most of their flash-based players currently max out at 2GB.

Well, we've just heard from the dudes over at Cowon America, and they'll be bringing 4GB versions of the iAudio F2, the iAudio U3, and the iAudio T2 in November. Eight gigs would be nice, but four gigs seems to be today's sweet spot for flash players. No word on pricing yet.