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Cowon iAudio U5, now shipping

Cowon has announced that its latest iAudio U5 is now shipping to the United States.

Photo of black and white Cowon U5 MP3 players.
Cowon's little U5 MP3 player keeps it simple. Cowon America

Cowon America is now shipping its new iAudio U5 MP3 player. For a company with a reputation for packing gadgets to the gills, the iAudio U5 is a relatively basic MP3 player. The Cowon iAudio U5 includes a 1.8-inch TFT LCD, an FM radio with recording capability, a voice recorder, an alarm clock/sleep timer, Cowon's extensive JetEffect suite of custom EQ controls, and plays MP3, WMA, and WAV files (including DRM). While the Cowon iAudio U5 lacks video support or memory expansion, it might find a home with people who prefer a no-frills device with a sleek design.

The Cowon iAudio U5 comes in both 4GB (white) and 8GB (black) capacities, retailing at $119 and $159, respectively. The following video demonstration of the U5 was posted on Cowon's Web site.