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Cowon D2+ review

CNET's Donald Bell offers a full review of the Cowon D2+ touch-screen MP3 player.

Photo of the Cowon D2 Plus MP3 player.
The Cowon D2+ is a subtle update to a classic iPod alternative. Corinne Schulze/CBS Interactive

If you still prefer your MP3 players with buttons and screens, I've got a full review posted on the latest touch-screen player from Cowon, the D2+.

The D2+ is currently available online, priced at $139 (8GB) and $179 (16GB), which can be had in either black or silver. My first-take from last Friday pretty well summed up my major criticisms (no support for AAC audio or H.264 video), but if you want some more nitty-gritty analysis, my full review of the Cowon D2+ is available over at CNET Reviews.