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Covr iPhone case snaps photos without anyone seeing

The Kickstarter-funded Covr prism lens means you can hold your iPhone like a flashlight to take pictures.

The Covr iPhone case lets you snap photos without drawing attention. Covr

They say you can't observe something without altering things, so the Covr iPhone case makes it possible to snap photos without being too obvious about it, with a much easier one-handed grip than the regular phone.

The iPhone case contains a prism lens that means you can snap a photo holding your phone like a torch or a TV remote control. Developed by a former photojournalist, it's also designed to make your phone unobtrusive so you can shoot events unfolding before you without being so obvious, holding your phone as if you're just looking at a text or playing a game.

Of course, that's not a license to sneakily take embarrassing photos of people just going about their day, but it does let you document your kids or your friends without distracting everyone.

Sadly, this first version of Covr only shoots in portrait mode. But if you want to stick with the regular iPhone camera, the angled lens slides out of the way to shoot normally.

The people behind Covr are looking to raise $80,000 on Kickstarter. With around a month to go before the 6 May deadline, they're up to $27,000. Should the project hit its funding target, the first Covr cases should be delivered in around four months.