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Covering the DNC: What I did on my summer vacation

CNET tech reporter Marguerite Reardon joined 20,000 other newshounds covering the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Here's what it was like.

What did you do on your summer vacation? I went to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

All right, so it wasn't exactly a vacation. I live in a nearby suburb of Philadelphia and I was working 14 hours a day throughout the week, getting home well past midnight each evening.

But for a reporter who's covered technology for more than a decade and a half, getting to experience the media circus of a national political convention was a thrill.

Add in Hillary Clinton becoming the first female to win a major political party's nomination for US president, and this history nerd couldn't have been happier on only four hours of sleep a night.

So what was it like to attend the Democratic National Convention? Click through the gallery below for a glimpse of how things looked on the ground.