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Court grants stay of Napster injunction - archive copy

Nine hours before it would have been forced to shut down its music-swapping service, Napster wins a temporary reprieve.


An appeals court grants a stay to an injunction that ordered music-swapping company Napster to halt the trading of copyrighted material. The injunction symbolizes a pivotal moment in the historic case, one of the first legal confrontations between Internet technologies and the rights of intellectual property holders.

"They created a monster...That's the consequence they face."

- U.S. District Judge Marilyn Hall Patel

Napster wildfire


By CNET staff
July 28, 2000, 4 p.m. PT

Court grants stay of Napster injunction
update Nine hours before it would have been forced to shut down its music-swapping service, Napster wins a temporary reprieve.

Fans frantically download tunes
update Napster members say they will download in droves during the waning hours until midnight PT.

CuteMX unplugs Napster-like service
At least one Napster alternative is temporarily restricting access to its technology, citing concerns over this week's court order.

Recording industry argues for injunction
Record industry attorneys ask an appeals court to stick to an injunction deadline that could put Napster out of business by midnight PT today.

Thousands of fans pledge CD boycott
Napster supporters across the nation band together, pledging not to buy CDs from labels affiliated with the RIAA.

Napster asks fans to purchase CDs
update The beleaguered music-swapping company is asking its fans to participate in a "buy-cott" this weekend, a plan aimed at winning grassroots support.

previous coverage
Traffic stalls Napster alternatives
update A Gnutella download site is knocked offline because of high demand, as music aficionados flock to alternative file-swapping services.

CEO fights for Napster's life
newsmaker Hank Barry talks with CNET about what will become of Napster if the court refuses his appeal.

Napster files injunction appeal
update Napster attorneys ask an appeals court to put the brakes on an injunction that threatens to shut down the site by Friday.

Judge: Pull the plug
update A federal judge orders Napster to halt the trading of copyrighted material, saying its founders have "created a monster."

How the Napster ban affects you
FAQ We take a look at some of the most important questions for Napster fans and foes following the historic order.

Fans light up message boards
Napster's message boards light up with angry comments only minutes after a federal judge's order against the music-swapping company.

Death of Napster won't stop downloads
A survey released by PC Data Online shows that 60 percent of Napster fans would continue to download music even if the practice is ruled illegal.

The beginning of grassroots piracy
special report Napster has done for piracy what America Online did for the Internet: put its technology within reach of the digital masses.

RIAA chief keeps copyrights tight
Q&A Rosen's message is simple: The record industry is not against the technology itself, but it will not budge on its control of copyrights.

Napster lawyer aims experience at RIAA
Q&A Attorney David Boies' entry into the case has brought new life to what many had believed to be a difficult defense at best.


Rick Dube
Webnoize analyst
It's unlikely that Napster will avoid tonight's injunction.
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He doubts that other "swap" sites will be able to equal Napster's popularity.
Listen:  RealAudio | Windows Media could again be successful as a commercial service.
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Gene Kan
Gnutella developer
Discussing the technology behind Gnutella.
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Under fire: Companies across the industry fight copyright lawsuits over MP3 file sharing

Napster: A federal judge orders the music-swapping service to essentially shut down, barring it from assisting in trading copyrighted works.
• RIAA: Pull major-label songs off Napster
• Napster to face trial on piracy claims The company filed a claim against the record industry asking for redress for the RIAA's role in temporarily closing the MP3Board site for linking to copyrighted songs.
• MP3Board countersues RIAA
• MP3 firm in dispute with record industry The record industry joins the Motion Picture Association of America in charging that violates industry copyrights by allowing widespread copying of files.
• Movie studios target Scour with lawsuit The company has agreed to settle with several record labels after it was found guilty of copyright infringement. Damages have yet to be determined, but they could run into the billions of dollars.
• recasts as "infrastructure" company
• settles copyright dispute