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Couple whips out iPads to marry on Twitter

It was a moving ceremony. The bride and groom were both clutching iPads as they tweeted "I do" to the world. Wonder what the honeymoon was like.

Mutsuz Alem/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Some things are modern. Some are merely maddening.

Please decide how you feel when I tell you the story of Cengizhan Celik and his lovely bride Candan.

They clearly love each other very much. However, they took it upon themselves to have a slightly different wedding. For they thought it would be highly, um, appropriate to clutch iPads and tweet their I dos.

I am grateful, in a way, to Yahoo News, which brought me this tale of Turkish marital delight.

You will be transported to a nirvana where numbness is celebrated, when I tell you that the groom is the social-media editor for Turkish news site You will stay in that nirvana for a while when you hear that the Turkish for "I do" is "Evet," but his "Evet" had a few surplus t's.

Some, though, might find it vaguely discordant that his bride added a few additional t's too, but this was her first -- and still only -- tweet.

Greater love hath no woman than, well, to tolerate her husband.

This isn't, of course, the very first Twitterized wedding. Two years ago, an Alabama couple decided their wedding should be not a knees-up, but a tweet-up.

And yet, in the video I have embedded of the Turkish festivities, there is something quite contemporarily natural about this couple. They are not fanatics. Perhaps the groom merely thought the publicity would be helpful to their future coffers.

As one who has been best man five times, but sadly never managed to be one of the actual protagonists, my experience tells me that these two have a very good chance of eternal joy.

For they surely both know that, even in the darkest moments of conflict -- when they throw it all in and refuse to speak to each other -- they will be able to tweet their way to harmony.

Especially if the rumored new iPad Mini can be about their persons at all times.