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Countertop tea as easy as can be

The Capresso PerfectTea Cordless 48-Ounce Electric Glass Kettle features variable temperature control for all types of tea.

Always time for tea. Amazon

Tea drinkers understand the art of brewing tea. Though coffee drinkers do appreciate interacting with their favorite beverage in order to make it, the vast majority of coffeemakers are automatic drip machines. They quite often make a fine cup of coffee, but after the initial choices of beans and grind are chosen, the actual brewing process is automated. The same cannot be said for brewing tea.

Different types of tea require different brewing temperatures; hearty black teas do well with a high brewing temperature, and green and herbal teas benefit from brewing at a lower temperature. The Capresso PerfectTea Cordless 48-Ounce Electric Glass Kettle features a five-setting temperature control knob for heating water as low as 100 degrees and on up to a boil. The kettle is free from restriction, as heating is accomplished via the base; when ready, there is no power cord to get in the way. Additionally, the bottom portion swivels full circle, allowing for easy access for both righties and lefties.

Complete with a pull-out drawer showing a guide for recommended brewing temperatures, the unit is a convenient teakettle for tea novices and aficionados alike. Measuring 8.5 inches by 7 inches, with a height of 10 inches, the countertop appliance has a small footprint and makes it easy to enjoy all aspects of tea brewing, no matter how complex the flavor.