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Countdown to Camp iPhone

iPhoneDevCamp rolls into San Francisco this weekend, where geeks galore will dream up new applications for the recently released combination iPod and cell phone.

In my summer camp days, we did things like swim, play Capture the Flag, and fashion crafts out of Popsicle sticks and Elmer's Glue.

Traditions get turned slightly on their head when an uberhyped phone and grown-up geeks are involved. This weekend, Adobe Systems is hosting a summer camp of a different kind--one for developing iPhone applications. Yes, that's right: a whole three days of nothing but stirring Web developers into an iPhone-related frenzy.

iPhone Developers Camp rolls into San Francisco this weekend. Apple

Adobe's swank San Francisco offices are set to host about 250 engineers, designers, iPhone owners and anyone else with a knack for developing Web applications to run on the new Apple gadget. Among the planned activities are creating new Web applications, improving existing applications, turning Dashboard widgets into Web-based widgets, and testing and optimizing sites for the iPhone.

The weekend culminates with a Hack-a-thon.

Camp is free and you don't need an iPhone to attend. Can't make it? You can add iPhoneDevCamp to your Twitter account.