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Could shaking batteries power gadgets?

Brother Industries' prototype batteries can be recharged by shaking them. Just don't hurl your remote control at the TV.

Brother Industries

What if you could recharge batteries simply by shaking them? Japan's Brother Industries thinks its prototype rechargeable batteries could shake up the gadget market.

Brother showed off the prototype Vibration Energy Cell at Techno-Frontier 2010 this week in Tokyo, demonstrating it in a TV remote control, LED flashlight, and a remote lamp switch.

The generator comes in AA and AAA formats (either in a single case or as a battery attached to a generator, seen above) and produces up to 3.2 volts with a coil, magnet, and condenser.

The juice is enough to power a remote control. By leaving the battery in a remote control and shaking it, the cell will be recharged. It's unclear how long (or vigorously) you'd have to shake it, but I doubt it would require shaking your fist at the TV for an entire episode of your most hated show.

Brother says it developed the Vibration Energy Cell to reduce waste from disposable and rechargeable batteries. But if it gives me another incentive not to hurl my remote at the tube, I'd go for it.

(Via Tech-On!)