Cosmo: Apple stores the place to meet men

Apple retailers are the top "hot spot," though male-dominated tech companies like Cisco Systems are also a good bet, according to the magazine.

Tech Culture

I'm not sure this is what Ron Johnson had in mind when he set out to create Apple's chain of retail stores, but recently the shops unexpectedly topped a list of hot spots.

Cosmo says that if you are looking to meet a man, you can't do much better than heading to your nearest Apple store.

The magazine notes that guys are natural gadget lovers and with Apple's sales soaring, "more men than ever are stopping by Apple boutiques."

"The vibe at the stores is conducive to man meeting too: You can check your email among cuties, take a free workshop on anything from Photoshop to podcasting (a great opportunity to strike up a conversation), or just survey the, ahem, good-looking merchandise," Cosmo concludes.

Not a Mac lover, not to worry. Another of the magazine's recommendations is going to work for a tech company. More than a fifth of workers meet their spouse on the job, the magazine notes, adding that Cisco Systems is 78 percent male, while Hewlett-Packard's workforce is 68 percent men.

The article would appear to suggest that geeks could be faring better than ever in the social scene, though the weight room at the gym was also on the list. So perhaps it still takes brains and brawn.

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