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Corporate behavior not likely to change

In response to the Nov. 6 Perspectives column by Tom Henkel, "When legal isn't good enough":

I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Henkel's perception of civility and ethics, but I disagree with his premise, "the definition of 'acceptable' corporate behavior will become more rigid." There's no clear evidence that this is or will be perceived as a major issue by the government or corporate America beyond the rhetoric of 2002.

On the contrary, the reality of the past 90 days, culminating in the Microsoft decision last Friday and yesterday's capitulation of the American electorate, signals only more of the same-business-as-usual.

If anything, we're apt to see additional and even more egregious assaults by the freshly emboldened practitioners of the expression, ?winning attitude.?

Dennis Jugan
Johnstown, Pa