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Corning preps 3D Gorilla Glass for gadgets

The glass maker announced on Friday plans to shape its usually flat chemically strengthened glass, especially for wearables.


Corning says it's time to take its chemically strengthened Gorilla Glass outside of the box.

On Friday, the glass maker announced that it's taking its best commercial success 3D, with a manufacturing process and plan that will make it easier for the company to produce the tougher topper in shapes other than the flat panel that covers a tremendous number of top phones and tablets.

Specifically, by shaping glass at high temperatures over 500 degrees Centigrade, much like you would in glass blowing, Corning says it can create more complex shapes than we're seeing on gadgets today.

Contoured smartphones and wearable or connected devices of all sorts are the most obvious application for 3D Gorilla Glass, though Corning isn't the only glass maker in the business, and glass certainly isn't the only material of choice for every device.