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CornerWorld: Use social networks to make money

Social network will allow individual creators to put a price on their content.

"Stop giving away content for free!" say the people behind CornerWorld.

The makers of CornerBand have created a new social network that combines all the elements of some of Web 2.0's most-visited sites--Flickr, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube--plus some others, like Evite and Ustream.

Another social network ... really? Do we need this? CornerWorld thinks it will be able to lure people from its established 30,000-strong CornerBand community--where musicians can put a price on their songs--plus others to use its platform to monetize individual photos, songs, videos that one would normally put on Facebook or MySpace or YouTube for free.

One thing CornerWorld has going for it is it offers pretty strict privacy controls. Whereas Facebook members can control who sees individual photo albums or elements of their profile, CornerWorld allows individual photos within an album to be set to private or available for public consumption.

There are a whole lot of features going on here, including live broadcasting a la Ustream, plus an events feature (seeVite), which is not as pretty as Evite or as smooth as Facebook's. But if you have cat videos or ringtones or photos you want to sell, CornerWorld gives users the tools to sell their stuff all in one place.