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Corel to write in ParaGraphs

Corel today licensed technology that will let Web masters create 3D Web sites.

Corel today licensed authoring and publishing technology from ParaGraph International that will let Web masters create 3D Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) sites on the Web.

ParaGraph's soon-to-be-named technology will be integrated into Corel's professional suite of Web development tools and will later this year support VRML 2.0, the industry standard adopted by 50 companies, including Netscape Communications and Silicon Graphics.

Corel also plans to integrate Java in coming products, including WordPerfect7 and Corel Ventura7, according to Corel officials.

Corel's products now include CorelWeb.Data, which allow users to publish tables and databases in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) format; CorelWeb.Gallery, which offers clipart images; and CorelWeb.Designer, an HTML Authoring Toolkit and that requires no HTML programming knowledge, the company said.