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Corel offers free photo-editing software

Free with easy interface is the first for Alta modular platform.

Corel on Tuesday released Corel Snapfire, a free downloadable software for editing photos and videos. The software is part of Corel's new modular software platform, code-named Alta, that allows users to keep downloaded applications on their desktop. The platform also allows users to pay and download individual features, called modules, from premium versions instead of entire suites.

Corel Snapfire organizes, shares, edits, prints and creates slide shows and montages with photos and videos. Users can also use it to design photo-emblazoned objects like mugs and calendars. The product's simple interface is geared toward novice photographers, according to Corel. Corel Snapfire Plus ($39.99), a premium version of the software, includes more movie effects and editing tools such as the makeover tools and picture tubes currently found in Corel Paint Shop Pro.