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Corel draws new boundaries

Having just elbowed its way past Microsoft to become the leading retailer of PC desktop software suites, Corel is making moves on both the PC and Macintosh platforms.

Having just sold more PC desktop software suites in June than its rival Microsoft, Corel is making moves on both the PC and Macintosh platforms.

On the PC side, the company announced a deal today to bundle CorelDraw 5 on Compaq Presario Home PCs. CorelDraw 5 is designed specifically for Windows 3.1. CorelDraw 7, due to ship in November, will run on Windows 95 and NT and incorporate a Java Virtual Machine to execute Java applets.

Between the emphasis on Draw 5 and the launch of Draw 7, Draw 6 will be phased out of the company's plans, a company spokeswoman said.

Sometime early next year, Corel (COSFF) will release the Office Professional suite completely written in Java to allow users to publish documents on any platform within a Web browser. The company will post an early beta version on its Web site by October.

Corel's various office software suites, which all include the WordPerfect word processor, the Quatro Pro spreadsheet, and the Presentations graphic design package, garnered 51 percent of the retail PC market this June, followed by Microsoft with 45 percent and Lotus at 4 percent, according to PC Data, a software market research firm.

In the Mac arena, which the long-time PC software maker entered for the first time this year, Corel on Friday will release the Draw 6 application suite for the PowerMac. The suite will include a 3D rendering and modeling program called Dream 3D 6, a charting utility, photo-retouching and texture tools, extensive photo, clip art, template, and font libraries, plus WordPerfect 3.5 for good measure. It will retail for $595.

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