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Core i7 PCs on sale from Dell, Gateway, others

Core i7-based desktops finally go on sale

We reviewed Intel's new Core i7 CPU already, as well as two desktops with the chip inside, but today is the first day you can actually make a Core i7 purchase. Dell has the best starting bid, with a deal on its Studio XPS with a Core i7 920 chip and a 20-inch LCD for $999. Gateway's FX 6800-01e is also impressive, coming in at $1,249 for a Core i7 920 in a PC that can accommodate two 3D cards. Look for the Gateway review this evening, with a review of a more expensive version of the Dell up shortly after.

Dell's Studio XPS has an Intel Core i7 CPU inside CNET

On the higher-end of the spectrum, both the $8,028 Falcon Northwest and the $2,499 Velocity Micro PC's we reviewed are also available for order. Maingear has a Core i7-based Ephex on offer as well, starting at about $3,850. We're disappointed, however, to see that neither Voodoo's swanky Omen desktop, nor HP's Blackbird 002 have made the switch yet.