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'Core' carrying robot is (almost) all legs

Headless bipedal bot can carry 220 pounds, 88 pounds more than Toyota's i-Foot mobility assist robot can lift.

Core robot

From Japan's Chiba Institute of Technology comes a prototype model of "Core," a headless bipedal bot that can do knee bends and hoist heavy loads.

Another entry to the increasingly crowded field of personal-mobility bots, Core can carry 220 pounds, 88 pounds more than Toyota's i-Foot can lift.

Core stands about 6 feet, 2 inches tall, weighs 507 pounds, and sports 12 actuators, plus shock absorbers. The idea is that it could be used as a workplace helper, and eventually carry elderly or disabled people (hopefully emitting less noise in the process than it makes when it does squats in the video below).

If you feel like you've seen Core before, it could be because it looks strikingly similar to technology that came out of Japan more than 40 years ago, the Waseda robot, or Wabot 1. Known as the world's first full-scale anthropomorphic bot, it led to the development of Honda's Asimo.

The team at Chiba's Future Robotics Technology Center showed Core off to the press at the college's laboratory in suburban Tokyo over the weekend. They hope to have Core up and carrying in the next couple of years.