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Cordarounds keep bikers in bright sight on light nights

Night is the time for these ordinary-looking pants to really shine.

The cuffs on the Bike to Work Pants fold up to increase reflectivity. Cordarounds

Cycling commuters are forced to deal with a million obstacles on the ride to and from work. In urban areas, cars remain our biggest foe, largely because people don't make the effort to look out for our blinking lights. Plenty of companies offer cycling-specific clothing, but they're terribly unflattering in all the wrong places.

But check this out: Cordarounds has developed these Bike to Work Pants. The inside of the pockets and pant cuffs are actually made from a material that reflects lights, thus increasing a cyclist's visibility and safety.

In "daytime mode," the pants just look like a standard pair of khakis, made from a brushed pebble cotton that's just as comfortable as they are durable. The mudflaps subtlety fold into the pockets, completely concealing the reflective material. Wear them around the house, at work, or while running errands, but when it comes time to jump on the bike for the ride home, the Cordarounds really shine: the inside cuffs and pant pockets of each pair are made of a strong Illuminite Teflon material and bound with reflective 3M Scotchlite that illuminate at night to protect the rider. Get a more detailed look at the pants by watching this video.

All Cordaround products, including the Bike to Work Pants, are sewn exclusively in San Francisco and are available through the company's Web site. If interested, head over to Yanko Design and enter for a chance to win a free pair!