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Cord-cutting curious? Try it out with Sling TV's free trial offer

Give Sling TV a whirl for free until March 15.

Sling TV

If you've been thinking about ditching your expensive cable bill in favor of a more affordable live TV streaming service, now is a good time to test out the streaming waters. Sling TV will let you try out its biggest package for free from now until March 15. And after the trial ends, Sling TV has one of the cheapest monthly bills of the major live TV streaming services. In fact, we think Sling TV is the best budget live TV streaming service, which is why it's a current CNET Editors' Choice (along with YouTube TV, which offers more channels for a higher price).

Sling TV has three plans. The Blue and Orange plans each cost $30 a month and feature different channel lineups with some overlap. Some channels like CNN, History and TNT are offered on both plans, but other channels are exclusive to one or the other. The Blue package has more channels and includes Fox and NBC, while ESPN and the Disney Channel headline the smaller Orange package. For $45 a month, you can combine the offerings with the Orange and Blue package. And it's the combined Orange and Blue package that you'll get to sample with Sling TV's free trial. 

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The free trial is good for both new and returning customers. You'll need to give Sling TV your email address and credit card number to sign up. And you'll need to cancel by March 15 or your free trial will roll into a paid subscription. 

Sling TV has a few other offers, too. For starters, you'll get $10 off of your first month for any of its three plans. And there are two offers for new subscribers who sign up for two months off the bat: a free Amazon Fire TV Stick or a free HD antenna. The latter is of particular importance to Sling TV users because the service lags behind its competitors in terms of local network support. None of its plans include ABC or CBS, and it offers Fox and NBC only in a limited number of markets.

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