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Cord-cutters' HBO coming in April, just in time for 'Game of Thrones'

The premium cable network will launch its streaming-only subscription service in April to coincide with the season premiere of its hit fantasy show, according to a reported memo.

HBO plans to launch more than "Game of Thrones" in April, with a memo indicating its streaming-only service will arrive then too. HBO

HBO plans to launch video-streaming subscriptions in April, according to an internal memo reported Tuesday by Fortune, a time frame that would coincide with the season premiere of its hit show "Game of Thrones."

In October the premium cable network unveiled plans for the launch next year of a , which would let people watch its programming purely by streaming, but the timing of the launch was unclear. A representative for HBO said the network hasn't announced a launch date yet.

Connectivity and mobile devices have migrated more entertainment consumption onto the Web, resulting in a small but growing population of "cord-cutters" -- people who forsake a traditional video service for online options. Though the economics around streaming-only options aren't nearly as enticing for programmers as the standard models of "bundling" big packages of channels, the evolution of consumer demand is spurring many like HBO to loosen the terms of TV distribution.

Consumer anticipation for a standalone streaming option from HBO has been high as long as the network's popular HBO Go streaming app has offered an expansive catalog of programming for people who subscribe to the channel through a video service like cable.

New seasons of "Game of Thrones" typically debut in the first week of April. It's HBO's most-watched show, with an audience that parent Time Warner estimates hit 19.5 million on average during the most recent season.

Update, 1:23 p.m. PT: Adds response from HBO.