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CopyTaste makes tiny URLs for your secrets

Create and share blog posts and data dumps with CopyTaste, a simple and free service for anonymous posting.

CopyTaste is a new service that lets you very quickly post text, photos, and videos to an anonymously hosted page. Think of it like blogging, but without a destination page, or any breadcrumbs that lead back to your identity.

The service features a WYSIWYG text editor, along with the option to insert videos and pictures into your post, the latter of which can be hosted on CopyTaste's servers. Heavy users can install a Firefox extension that lets you rip down the content from any page you're on and squirrel it away for viewing and sharing later on.

What makes CopyTaste really interesting is that you can in fact associate one or more of your posts with an existing profile. In this case it's your OpenID profile, where any posts you've made will be listed. You can also go and look at what other people have shared, which puts it in line with services like ClipMarks, Jeteye, Diigo, and others.

Still in need of some work are the social features though. You can see other users' CopyTaste posts if they'd made them public, but there's no way to follow that user or get in touch with them.

CopyTaste gives you a registration-free means of publishing blog posts or dumping text for sharing elsewhere. CNET Networks