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Copy machine is your personal Kinko's

Scanning at a rate of one page per second


A lot of innovation in scanning technology has been in the 3D department, but Germany's Zeutschel has stuck to the basics with ink on paper. And at least in one regard, it's paid off.

If the "Omniscan 12000 BookCopy" isn't the top of the line where copying machines are concerned, it's got to be close, scanning at a rate of a page per second. Unlike traditional face-down copiers, this one works with an overhead camera so you don't have to worry about the paper's position on the glass. And if you do have to get it just right, you can preview the page on an LCD screen before punching the button.

It's a great tool for libraries, classrooms, government offices and anywhere else where people are still dependent on pulp. Perhaps most important, OhGizmo notes that the machine is designed to duplicate one page at a time, as opposed to whole-text copying technologies that have drawn the wrath of publiishing houses and other copyright holders.