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Copter cam has too many enemies

The skies are already filled with flying surveillance toys.

Discovery Communications

If it weren't for the rocket cam, we might just be tempted to get the new "Radio Control Recon Camera Helicopter" spotted on the Discovery Store. After all, we can think of no better way to irritate friends and loved ones while recording their flush-faced reactions the whole while.

The temptation to fly in every direction to avoid furious swats is almost irresistable, especially when viewed on the 2-inch LCD of its remote control from a safe distance, with two sets of blades to boot ("beginner and pro"). The video duration isn't specified, but we'd hope it would last a bit longer than the 12 seconds of said rocket.

Alas, it probably doesn't matter, for the projectile would most likely knock it out of the sky before then anyway. And even if it managed to escape that attack, it would surely be downed by one of those laser choppers.