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Cop offers snarky PSA for 'amazing' turn signals

Listen up, drivers. You're about to learn the mysterious ways of the turn signal thanks to a state trooper's funny instructional video.

Indiana State Police Public Information Officer John Perrine kicks off a Facebook video much like a normal public service announcement. "The auto industry has made incredible advancements on technology and safety in vehicles," he says. He then teases us by describing a feature that can help prevent crashes and road rage.

What is this magic, life-saving vehicle technology? It's your turn signal.

Perrine demonstrates the joy of turn signals by pointing out the control stick coming out from near the wheel of his own police vehicle. He describes it as "pretty incredible."

The state trooper shows how pushing that stick causes lights to flash on both the front and back of the car to tell other drivers which way you're going. He warns that you may need to put down your coffee or your cell phone to operate the turn signals.

Perrine posted the deadpan video on Friday and it now has 11 million Facebook views. If we can get that many people to start using their turn signals, then the roads will be a safer place and Perrine will be a happier trooper.