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Cop selfie saves the day -- and the missing purse

A quick-thinking Seattle police officer texted a photo to prove his identity, and got results.

Hi, I'm Officer Michl. Get that purse back here.


Selfies: Is there anything they can't do? Apparently in Seattle, they can help reunite a woman and her purse.

According to the Seattle Police Department online crime blotter, a California woman visiting Seattle on Sunday left her purse and wallet in a ride-share car. Without them, she wouldn't be able to board her plane home.

The woman approached SPD Officer Eric Michl and explained that her own attempts to get her purse back had failed.

"The woman, who urgently needed her wallet and ID cards back as she was scheduled to fly home later in the day, contacted the ride-share driver and offered to pay him an additional fare to return the purse," blogger Jonah Spangenthal-Lee writes. "The man reportedly refused and demanded more money."

The officer tried to reach the driver, but was sent to voicemail. So Michl moved on to texting -- and decided to use a certain visual aid to prove he was really with the police.

"(Michl) then sent the man a text message, informing him he could potentially be arrested and have his car impounded if he didn't return the woman's purse," Spangenthl-Lee wrote. "To ensure he had the driver's attention, Officer Michl also sent along a selfie to prove he was who he claimed to be."

And here's your Hollywood-on-Puget-Sound ending: "The ride-share driver quickly called Officer Michl back and returned to the scene," the blog entry continues. "He claimed he'd been busy taking other fares, and returned the purse."

And although the story might have a more satisfying ending if the case were closed, that was not to be.

"Because the woman and her friends were leaving town later in the day -- making it difficult to pursue the case further -- the ride-share driver was identified and released from the scene, however the case remains open," Spangenthal-Lee writes.

Somebody buy Officer Michl an espresso the next time you see him around Seattle. He's earned it.

(Via GeekWire)

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