Cool ways to get cold

Haier's new minifridge uses eco-friendly cooling technology.

So cold it's cool. Haier

I don't know about you, but I think it's awesome when high-tech and low energy use come together. Haier's new HyCool refrigerator combines semiconductors and compressor cooling technology to create a cost-effective, eco-friendly minifridge that's downright cool. And really cold.

Are you sacrificing temperature for going green? Not at all--the fridge cools down to 35 degrees Fahrenheit--which is cold enough to store perishables like milk, cheese, and butter.

Let's say the room where your fridge lives is 70 degrees. In just two hours, the HyCool will get chilled inside all the way down to 35 degrees. And let's say you're impatient and open the door, letting all the cold air out and causing the internal temperature to rise. The HyCool will recover in half the time of a regular thermoelectric cooler. And what exactly is low power consumption? How about the equivalent usage of a 100-watt light bulb? Bright idea, no?

You'll avoid all the voltage surge spikes you get with compressor units. So plug in your microwave and toaster oven in the same outlet as the fridge--your fuses can handle this load.

And while the fridge may be small on size, it's big on looks with a fingerprint-resistant, reversible stainless steel door. Look for it to appear in stores this year in pink, purple, berry, and nectarine.