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Cool the air while cleaning your underwear

The Toshiba TW-3000VE packs a washing machine and an air-conditioning unit in one handy device.

There are many reasons to do your laundry: grass stains, spilled wine, and the sloppiest of Joes. But if you find yourself doing loads mostly because you've been sitting around the house sweating up a stank, then here is the ultimate godsend for you.

The Toshiba TW-3000VE washing machine also packs in an air-conditioning unit.

According to the Gizmodiva write-up (translated from Japanese), the machine not only washes your socks, but also cools the air in your laundry room and keeps it clear of mold.

The machines won't separate your lights and darks automatically, but it will be available in an array of vibrant colors--silver, gold, and orange--for about $2,600 starting in September.

[Via Gizmodiva.]