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Cool off with a cold drink

Warm soda is unacceptable on a hot day, but waiting for a can to cool can take forever. The One-Minute Drink Chiller can speed up the process.

Chills drinks in minutes. Hammacher Schlemmer

The days just keep getting hotter, and all I ever want is a cold drink. But half the time, it seems like there's nothing in the fridge and I've got a choice between a warm bottle of water from the pantry and an even warmer soda from the garage.

But Hammacher Schlemmer's got the perfect appliance for my problem: the One-Minute Drink Chiller. Slip a can, a wine bottle, or other drink into the chiller, and in just a minute you'll have a perfectly chilled refreshment. There's no risk of freezing: it can drop a soda can to 38 degrees Fahrenheit in 60 seconds and chills something larger (like a bottle of wine) to under 55 degrees Fahrenheit in closer to four minutes. The chiller stops automatically when your drink is cold enough.

Hammacher Schlemmer lists the One-Minute Drink Chiller as ideal for last minute dining, but it also has a 12-volt car adapter. I can't be the only one thinking that the cooler I use for sodas could be put to better use at this fall's tailgate parties. You do need a little ice and water to run the One-Minute Drink Chiller but not nearly the amount of ice necessary to fill a cooler.