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Cookmesh Crispers add crunch to baked food

With Cookmesh Crispers, you can guarantee that anything you cook in the oven gets the crispy edge it needs.

Cookmesh Crispers Solutions

It's unfortunately easy to wind up with oven-baked food--such as French fries and cookies--that needs just a little more crispness than the oven seems to offer. The reason for that is surprisingly easy: those crispy edges come from heat circulating around your cooking food. If the food is flat on the pan, you're missing out on some circulation. To get crispier food, we need to lift out food up during the cooking process--exactly as the Cookmesh Crispers do. The nonstick fiberglass mesh sits on top of pans and baking sheets, separating your food from the cooking surface by just enough to let air circulate. It's heat resistant up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit and you can even set it directly on the oven rack.

Cookmesh Crispers come in a set of three: a 12-inch round, a 13-inch by 15-inch rectangle, and a 12-inch by 10-inch basket (with a depth of 1.25 inches). You can reuse these cooking meshes and they're easy to clean up in between uses. They work with pretty much anything you might want to bake--the round Cookmesh Crisper is particularly ideal for eliminating soggy bottoms when you're baking pizzas. The set of Cookmesh Crispers are priced at $19.95.