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How to cook 'Bob's Burgers' for real

I love food, and I love watching "Bob's Burgers." A popular YouTube channel shows you how to grill up some of Bob's favorite burgers.

Not that you'd know it from all the cold weather we're hearing about in the Northeast this week, but spring is almost here! Out here in California it's starting to warm up and that means people are going to be breaking out their barbecues for some grilling over the weekend. The only question is, what to grill?

Recently, I shared one of my favorite cooking channels on YouTube called Binging with Babish. It's the channel that recreates recipes seen in movies and on TV.

Well, it just so happens that the channel posted a video Tuesday showing how to make hamburger recipes from the animated hit "Bob's Burgers." Whether you make Bob's "Baby you can chive my car burger" or the "Bet it all on black olive burger," this video will definitely give you some cooking ideas and make you laugh.

Check it out: