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Cook with confidence with the Riida Wireless Meat Thermometer for $26

Riida's dual-probe thermometer can monitor two meats at once, or one piece of meat and the ambient grill temp.


I grew up in a house in which my mom pretty much just guessed when the pork, chicken, steak and turkey were fully cooked; in retrospect, it's a miracle any of us survived. These days, I swear by meat thermometers. In particular, by wireless thermometers, so I can keep an eye on things without opening the oven or grill. I will be the first to admit that I've overspent on fancy Bluetooth models that display the temp on my iPhone. Today, you can do a lot better: The Riida TM08 Wireless Meat Thermometer is selling on Amazon for just $25.79. It usually sells for $42.99, but you can save $17 when you apply the coupon on the product page and enter discount code 6P8FV4S3 at checkout.

This thermometer comes with its own transmitter and remote display, which should work up to about 300 feet away from the oven, BBQ grill or smoker. The remote can be programmed with 10 meat presets (including ground beef, pork, lamb, beef, fish and chicken) as well as five settings for doneness from rare through well done. You can insert the two probes into two different pieces of meat and track their progress simultaneously, or use one probe in your meat and the other for the ambient temperature in the smoker or grill.

The setup is fast and easy -- both the transmitter and receiver run on AA batteries, and they sync automatically. It comes with a clip for affixing a probe to the grill or oven grating as well as a carrying and storage case.

If you don't already have a wireless temperature probe for your kitchen and grilling adventures, now's your chance to snag a dual-probe model for about 40% off. 

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