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Cook fast or slow at the push of a button

The Breville BPR600XL Fast Slow Cooker is designed for slow cooking or pressure cooking. The device streamlines cooking processes with a simple-to-use interface.

This multicooker can take you where you want to go at the speed of your choice.
This multicooker can take you where you want to go at the speed of your choice. Williams Sonoma

The kitchen is all about timing. Sometimes things happen fast; other times patience is required. The slow simmering of an all-day sauce combined with the quick heat of a fast sear on a choice cut of protein brings together flavor combinations that rally our taste buds into believing that anything is possible as long as we take the time to do them right. But it is not just time that has a monopoly on efficiency in the kitchen. It's also about versatility.

The Breville BPR600XL Fast Slow Cooker ($179.95) is capable of cooking up a storm or calmly maintaining a slow simmer. The enclosed multicooker can operate as a slow cooker, a steamer, a pressure cooker or a sauté pan. Additionally, a warm setting allows for efficient time management allowing for maximum utility, without the need to fuss about the kitchen.

With a 6-quart capacity, the countertop appliance is well-suited for a variety of tasks. With variable settings for the slow cooker as well as for the pressure cooker functions, it is easy to select the right mode for the job. Simplicity is key in this device, and the uncluttered control panel facilitates the process. When it comes time to cook up a meal, users can dive into the action or just let the multicooker proceed at its own pace. Best of all, the choice is only a button press away.