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Cook dinner (and dessert) in a dishwasher

Before cleaning those dirty dishes, wrap up everything from chicken to apple pie and cook it in the dishwasher. The Threadbanger YouTube channel shows you how.

You can make pasta in a coffee machine and fry an egg with an iron, but did you know you can also cook a full dinner in a dishwasher?

Rob Czar, producer and host of "Man Vs Din" on the popular Threadbanger YouTube channel, decided to take viewer suggestions on what he should make for dinner when cooking with the kitchen appliance.

In a video that's gotten more than 1.2 million views since it was uploaded Wednesday, Czar whips up an impressive meal of herbed chicken, baked potato, frozen pizza, a kid's TV dinner, fresh asparagus and a frozen apple pie -- all wrapped in aluminum foil, stuffed in mason jars or placed in oven bags.

He loads up the dishwasher with his wrapped food, and runs it for a full cycle that turns out to be three hours. While waiting for his DIY dishwasher dinner, Czar makes grilled cheese sandwiches using a clothing iron.

The meal leaves Czar impressed with the cooking quality of the chicken, asparagus and TV dinner, but not so much with the floppy pizza or wet apple pie, which Czar eats anyway. Because apple pie.

In additional food videos, Czar makes other Pinterest-favorite recipes such as cheese-stuffed Doritos chips, spaghetti-threaded hot dogs, and Oreo churros, paired with adult Capri Sun cocktails.