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Convert bears to pears with $1 iPhone app

It's simple. The "How many?" app lets you convert monkeys to bananas on your iPhone. Not sure why though.

Told you, jerks. Screenshot by Matt Hickey/CNET

The How many? iPhone app is a lot like me: useless, but a lot of fun. The concept is pretty simple. The app presents objects, lots of them, in lists called "packs." You pick one item and it calculates how many of another item that first item equals. For example, one MacBook Pro (15.4-inch?) equals 18 iPhones.

Why is this important? It's not; it's stupid, and kinda fun. There are a few categories, like animals, electronics, fruit, and "general," which is something of a grab bag. You can sort by volume or by weight. Twenty-four plums is the same volume as 10 Nexus Ones. Neat!

I have this 99-cent app on my phone and my friends are going to hate it. We play a game called "Fact," where one of us recites a "fact," which may or may not be factual, and the rest of us have to figure out if we're lying.

This app will help me. "Fact: The average bear weighs the same as three average dolphins." And now I can prove it.