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Converging on the future

special reports NEWS.COM's daily special reports will sort through the chaos that is Comdex to show how the latest technologies fit into the big picture.

special reports  As thousands descended on the madness that is Comdex, CNET's NEWS.COM sorted through the chaos to show how the latest technologies fit into the industry and the rest of the world. Each day this week, a new special report focused on a technology, business, or issue highlighted at the conference.

Comdex special report schedule
Visions of the future
 •  Net TVs may get boxed in
 •  Digital photos: Out of focus?
 •  Blurred picture for DVDs
NC stands for "not clear"
 •  A solution seeking a problem
 •  Going beyond the desktop
 •  What exactly is a thin client?
The bleeding edge
 •  Notebooks, mega to mini
 •  PC-TVs do it all
 •  Sorting out the DVD mess
Raising the speed limit
 •  Cable modems fight for lead
 •  DSL: New kid on the block
 •  Is space the final frontier?
From backbone to backyard
 •  Networking firms hit home
 •  Meeting ISPs at intersection
 •  The next stars of high tech