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Controversial climate fixes up for debate

Geoengineers are considering some drastic measures to slow global warming. Are they safe for the future?

Geoengineering as a science is raising eyebrows these days. In the face of continued global warming, scientists are looking into ways to adjust Earth's climate. Extreme measures like sequestering carbon dioxide in underground chambers and seeding clouds with seawater to filter out more sunlight might sound like the makings of sci-fi and Saturday morning cartoons, but they're getting new attention in the labs and legislatures.

To slow down climate change, many of these folks advocate cutting emissions in the first place, so that geoengineering's more extreme measures are unnecessary. But in the event that they are, some tough questions arise: How can we be sure these folks know what they're doing? What are the long-term implications? It's not like we have a test planet to experiment on.

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