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Control your slow cooker

The Cuisinart Programmable Slow Cooker lets you give precise instructions for cooking dinner.

The Programmable Slow Cooker Cuisinart

Many slow cookers have few settings beyond one switch that you can either set to on or off. Luckily, Cuisinart's Programmable Slow Cooker is not one of those pots. Instead, it helps you choose exactly when you want to start cooking, opt between four different cooking modes, and generally make a great meal without having to pay any attention to your cooker. Cuisinart has models available with 3.5-quart, 4-quart, and 6.5-quart capacities. Each as a ceramic pot and glass lid that sit in a brushed stainless steel housing. With the exception of the housing, the Programmable Slow Cooker is dishwasher safe. The pot is also stick-resistant, making clean up easier.

The features list for the Programmable Slow Cooker is lengthy. It offers a 24-hour countdown timer on the touch pad control panel--the timer is displayed on an LED. Not only can you set this slow cooker to automatically start, it will shift to a warm setting when your programmed cooking time ends, keeping meals warm but not over cooking them. You can choose cooking times in half-hour increments. Other cooking settings include simmer, low and high. The Programmable Slow Cooker costs $59.95 and comes with a recipe book.