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Control brewing with the Tea Control Teapot

The Tea Control Teapot lets you stop brewing without removing the infuser.

Tea Control Teapot

I'm a little militant when it comes to steeping my tea. In my mind, there's nothing worse than having a much-anticipated tea break ruined by the bitter taste of leaves that have soaked too long. Unfortunately, this preference often results in fingertip burns from lifting the still-hot infuser out of my teapot once the 2- to 6-minute brewing time has elapsed.

Enter the Tea Control Teapot with Brew Stop Infuser, whose lengthy name spells out pretty much all you need to know. The heat-resistant glass pot features a built-in infuser with a handy design trick: a door that closes off the tea leaves and stops the brewing process. The infuser stays in the pot, so you don't have to burn your fingers or find a place to put it.

At $40, it's a little more costly than similar traditional teapots. But it just might be worth the expense to save yourself from the bitter disappointment of oversteeped tea.

Via Kitchen Contraptions